Yakima FullTilt 4 Bike Rack

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Yakima FullTilt 4 Bike Rack Description

With Yakima’s FullTilt Four-Bike Rack, you can bring all four of your personal whips–oops, bikes for the whole family–anytime you hit the road in search of pristine pavement or dreamy dirt. With all your bikes on the back, you’ll be able to fill the rest of the car with whiskey and beer–we mean children and significant others, obviously–and head out for an easy long weekend of debauched pedaling. Er, quality family time.No matter your reasons for loading up, the FullTilt makes it super easy, with an AutoPin automatic positioning system, a tool-free SpeedKnob to lock it in place, and an integrated same key locking system that lets you lock everything to everything else (Yeah, Jimmy knows where he’ll end up if he doesn’t stop poking his sister). The UpperHand tilting and storage lever easily lets the rack swing up and down when unloaded, and the padded arms, anti-sway cradles, and replaceable ZipStrips make sure your bikes won’t go anywhere when you hit a speed bump or rally down a rugged dirt road. Yakima designed the FullTilt to fit with both 1. 25in and 2in hitches, and even integrated a bottle opener so the kids can enjoy a fancy root beer after they pedal the 300-foot loop around the campground. You’ll probably be on to something stronger by then.

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