Race Ramps RR-RU Roll-Up Ramp

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Race Ramps RR-RU Roll-Up Ramp Description

Our Rollups Car Ramps are like Christmas elves — these little guys are great for lending a hand and helping out. Sometimes you need to raise your low profile car just a little bit extra to tackle those tougher tasks — think changing your exhaust. If you don’t want to futz around with a jack and risk scratching up your car, the Rollups Car Ramps are just your ticket. They’re designed to be used along with our 56 inch or 67 inch Race Ramps to give you even more clearance for working on your low clearance vehicle for oil changing, tune ups or other maintenance. Additionally, our Roll Ups can raise the front or rear of the car to allow you to slide a standard floorjack in where you otherwise couldn’t. Our Rollups Car Ramps are 14 inches wide, and can accommodate tires up to 12 inches wide. And they’re especially portable, weighing only 4.5 pounds each, ready to slip right into your trunk — making them great to take along to car shows, auto events or the race track. And don’t forget. Our Rollups Car Ramps are sturdy, solid and Unscootable, hugging the ground and never slipping or sliding no matter the surface — dirt, wet cement, garages or even ice! And no matter where you’re working on your low profile car, like all Race Ramps, our Rollups Car Ramps won’t dig into, scratch or blemish your floors.

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