Guide Gear Aluminum Cargo Carrier with Ramp, 60 x 32

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Guide Gear Aluminum Cargo Carrier with Ramp, 60 x 32 Description

Extra cargo space with easy-loading ramp! That bulky wheelchair or scooter won’t fit in your back seat? Employ the Guide Gear Cargo Carrier and haul it behind you! With a 500-lb. load capacity you can tote tons of gear and equipment without giving up any interior space. Constructed of lightweight, rugged aluminum, it’s also corrosion and rust resistant for years of use. The hitch and hitch plate are made of formed steel, while the hardware is carbon steel, making sure the carrier is firmly connected to your vehicle and it can handle the weight. It fits a standard 2′ Class III or IV receiver, so hook it up and hit the road. Loading and unloading is a breeze. Thanks to the handy fold-up ramp, you don’t need to lift anything with wheels. The ramp segments are 4′ wide and approximately 1′ apart, so loading and unloading is smooth as silk, not bumpy and choppy. Simply lower the ramp, drive / push / pull your items onto the bed, and lock the ramp back in place. It’s as easy as that. Eliminate the jiggle! Everyone hates driving down the road and hearing a rattle. When you have a Cargo Carrier on the back of your vehicle, all you hear is the rattle. You want to rush to your destination just to make it end. Guide Gear hears you and and completely agrees, so we did something about it. This Cargo Carrier comes with anti-wobble. We have constructed this Carrier to not make noise as you’re traveling down the road, eliminating the rattling noise. We also equipped it with an extra long hitch pin for security, durability and versatility for all vehicles. Adventures should be fun, get out on yours. Lightweight, rugged aluminum carrier and ramp resists corrosion and rust for years of use; Formed steel hitch and hitch plate, carbon steel hardware; 2′ receiver tube features anti-wobble technology to reduce rattling; Three 8′ side rails and fold-up ramp combine to safely and securely contain cargo; Ramp segments are spaced 4′ apart for easy, smooth loading and unloading; Fits all stan

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