Factor55 FlatLink Loaded Shackle Mount (16.000 Lbs) – Red

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Factor55 FlatLink Loaded Shackle Mount (16.000 Lbs) – Red Description

Color:Red Eliminate the conventional winch hook and replace it with a safer and stronger FlatLink shackle thimble and D-ring. The FlatLink shackle mount is the Industry’s first folding shackle mount for recovery winches. With less than 1.75 inches of thickness, the Flatlink will work with all roller fairlead license plate mounting brackets. ———- Conventional winch hooks can cut and fray recovery straps and often allow strap ends to escape during momentary slack cycles of a typical winching recovery. Screw pin shackles do not allow strap loops to escape due to the secure screw pin attachment. The FlatLink does not require splicing and is compatible with steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 3/8 inches in diameter. The cable eye is retained in the FlatLink by a 5/8 inch diameter grade 5 steel double shear pin and internal snap ring. It is installed easily in minutes. The EPDM Rubber Guards protect alloy fairleads and are securely attached to the FlatLink with 4 barbed tips. The FlatLink stows neatly against either roller or Hawse type fairleads and is designed to be used with common 3/4 inch shackles. MADE IN THE USA, the FlatLink is constructed of 6000 series billet aluminum and is anodized/powder coated in 5 different colors.

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